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tesserewhon ([personal profile] tesserewhon) wrote2006-09-28 04:45 pm

Foooooood! Fooooooooooooodd!

At the moment I am daydreaming about food. All foods. Food is my new god.

The images of chinese dim sum (spare ribs in black bean sauce), cupcakes (strawberry w/chocolate chips), pizza (real Italian margherita), smoked salmon w/capers, hot buttery lobster, peking duck, Thai spring rolls w/that really awesome sauce, lamb saag, Jong Kak's kalbi, shrimp tempura, lo mein, sushi (volcano roll, spider roll, salmon, fatty tuna), crispy bacon, roasted red potatoes w/herbs, thick baked mac 'n chesse, and the list goes on.

I am dreaming about food the way a dying Christian dreams about Heaven. The REASON I am dreaming about food is because I am fasting, alongside my two Muslim room mates. They go to the Interfaith Center every day for a free dinner during Ramadan, and on the days I go with them I fast because otherwise my Catholic guilt would keep me from enjoying the meal. I can't go every other day for a free (awesome) meal if I'm taking food from people who have been starving themselves all day. So I fast. And I dream about food. All foods. Food IS my new god.