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tesserewhon ([personal profile] tesserewhon) wrote2006-01-11 08:48 pm

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Okay, so in about another week or so, I move back to Hopkins after a semester away, and I'm freaking just the slightest. Not about the workload, cuz after weeks of nonstop secretarial drudgery, studying neurons and Descartes sounds decidedly delightful. Nope, it's more of the "I've been away from my college friends for several months now and god knows what's happened," cuz truthfully, I have no idea what's happening with any of them at the moment. I've missed them a great deal, but I've been pretty lacking in the communications department.Plus, I've completely forgotten how to live in a dorm.

Hopefully, things won't be too wierd, and I'll be back to my sarcastic, snarky, self once I've settled in.

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