tesserewhon: (Default)
tesserewhon ([personal profile] tesserewhon) wrote2005-12-13 11:06 pm

Oh, the cleverness of me!

It's pretty amazing how much music and weather affect my moods. If I didn't know better, I'd believe God was just some mad scientist in some wierd Transylvanian lab with thousands of alternate worlds and billions of variables. I wonder what the control world would be like? All of which concludes this session of "Reason #1,394 Why Esther Is Crazy In The Most Absurd Way."

Makin' chocolate cupcakes and cheesy fries. This is my new diet for gaining weight. I want to get to Jenny-Craig-the-monster-before-she-basically-lost-a-hippo weight. That way all I'll be able to do everyday is sit in my room and study, next semester.

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